Why should I become a member

About Why should I become a member

  • By being a member, you become aware as to what are the fire safety precautions to be taken in any building.
  • Fire Safe India foundation mobile app can be a tool to report any violations, pertaining to fire safety in buildings. This app can be installed on your mobile or iPad. By reporting such violations, you bring it to the attention of the concerned authorities and thus help to reduce fires and prevent loss of precious lives and property.
  • Fire Safe India foundation helps you connect with professional agencies who audit your premises to ensure fire safety. These agencies then give you authentic recommendations.
  • A member gains insight of the existing laws and regulations in India pertaining to fire safety. Members get access to download laws pertaining to different states.
  • You become aware as to what are the questions, you need to ask a builder and what are the checks that you need to do personally before finalizing a residential or commercial property.
  • You become aware as to what are the Important equipment’s that you need to keep at your home to handle a fire emergency. You also get to understand, what are the safety precautions and maintenance processes that are to be periodically carried out at your home to avert a fire.
  • You can also share your experience & knowledge with fellow members.