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Fire Safe India Foundation is a not-for-profit advocacy group working to make India free from fire hazards. We aim to establish a fire-safety culture that is based on individual care, knowledge of techniques and available technologies for prevention and control of fire incidents.

Ours is an organization built on the foundations of passion, expansive knowledge of fire prevention methods and technologies and vast experience in the field.


Years of Experience


Fire Safe India Foundation is built on a foundation of passion, strengthened by Knowledge , committed to creating awareness about Fire Prevention and Fire Protection


To safeguard the quality of life for the Citizens through Fire prevention and protection, To sensitize authorities and public at large about the risks of Fire by harnessing Mass Media.

Why to be a member of FSIF

By being a member, you become aware as to what are the fire safety precautions to be taken in any building.

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To create mass awareness through education, holding Seminars, Exhibitions, Fire Drills, etc. To award/reward acts of Courage and rescue by Firefighters and general public during Fire incidents

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Using a Fire Extinguisher

Rescue Management

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